Writing as: David N. Robinson

According to the bio on Amazon: "In a previous life, I was a partner and chief operating officer in a global accounting firm, and latterly held the same role in a global law firm. It took me 36 years and several million air miles to do, arguably, what I should have done several years earlier: give up the day job and focus on a lifelong ambition to write thrillers. Page-turners. Action and adventure stories with twists and turns right to the very last page.

With few parts of the world that I've not seen first-hand, I try to use my personal knowledge, connections and a professional interest in technology to craft fast-paced thrillers that are very much set in the real world. Locations that I know personally. Present-day plotlines that try to be as credible and true to life as possible. Fictional backstories to events currently in the public eye.

My wife and I live close to the city of Cambridge, England. Together we support several local charities, including the world-renowned Cambridge Union debating society where I am a trustee."

Series Books
Ben Lewis The Dossier (2014)
  The Gambit (2015)
  The Markov Encryption (2018)
  Powder Day (ss) (2018)