Writing as: A. W. Strickland

According to the bio on Amazon: "Using his initials, AWS, Dr. Albert W. Strickland has authored an educational children’s book series entitled The Adventures of Ralph and Elmer, which is currently available in five languages and features fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Dr. Strickland has also written A Reference Guide to America Science Fiction Films, was a university professor for more that 30 years, and continues to publish and conduct research. Dr. Strickland holds graduate and undergraduate degrees from the University of Florida and is a proud member of the Gator Grand Guard. As a secondary mathematics and physics teacher, Dr. Strickland has been recognized through local, state, and national awards. As a university professor, he mentored numerous doctoral students, directed several grants, and produced professional publications and presentations in the area of science education, instructional technology, and instructional design. Dr. Strickland particularly enjoys the research process – a trait that is evident in this novel and the sequel to come."

Series Books
Peter Marker An Enemy Walks Among Us (2014)
  Sometimes The War Isn't Over ... Until It's Over (2016)