Writing as: Bryan Murray

According to the bio on Amazon: 'My name is Bryan Murray and I am an Author/Screenwriter living in Florida. In all my writing, my favorite genre has always been action-based suspense thrillers. I am also a huge James Bond fan and I wanted to give my Readers an idea of what perhaps his American counterpart would be like. The 'Assassin Series' of political thrillers centers around Jake Harrigan, a tough, Irish/American ex-CIA 'black ops' assassin and his partner and girlfriend Sarah Schaumberg, an equally tough ex-FBI agent."

Series Books
Jake Harrigan Assassin (2014)
  Sleeping Dogs (2014)
  The Wrong Man (2014)
  First Son (2015)
  Sitting Ducks (2015)
  Los Ninos (2015)
  Cruise Control (2015)
  Genocide (2015)
  The Ultimate Prize (2016)
  Phantom Echelon (2016)
  Cuckoos In The Nest (2016)
  Traffick Stop (2017)
  Paradigm (2017)
  Head Of The Snake (2017)
  Neutral Ground (2018)
  The Valley (2019)
  The Algorithm Man (2019)
  Eye In The Sky (2020)