Writing as: Shane O'Brien MacDonald

According to the bio on Amazon: "Shane O'Brien MacDonald was born in 1980 on Cape Breton Island in eastern Canada. He speaks English, Japanese, and Chinese, and has a degree in economics and film studies from Queen's University. Before becoming a novelist he worked as an editor, cinematographer, and assistant picture editor on dozens of films and television shows. He has also been a foreign language instructor at the Tokyo University of Agriculture.

Mr. MacDonald is the author of the Kiki Claymore series of books, which have been described as 'post-Ian Fleming female-centric espionage comic books in novel form.'"

Series Books
Kiki Claymore Code Name: Kawaii (2013)
  Code Name: Daedalus (2014)
  Code Name: Coronado (2014)
  Code Name: Katarina (2014)