1915 - 1988

Writing as: Douglas Rutherford

According to Wikipedia: "James Douglas Rutherford McConnell was a language teacher and an author. Born in Kilkenny, Ireland 14 October 1915. He went to school in Yorkshire, studied at Clare College, Cambridge graduating in 1937, and received his MA from the University of Reading. During the Second World War, he served in the British Army Intelligence Corps in North Africa and Italy. After demobilisation, he became a modern languages teacher at Eton College from 1946 until his retirement in 1973.[1]

Writing on weekends and holidays, he published his first novel, Comes the Blind Fury, in 1950. Many of his works centered on race-tracks or sports cars. With Francis Durbridge, he co-authored two novels in the Paul Temple series: The Tyler Mystery in 1957 and East of Algiers in 1959. Under the name James McConnell, he published books on learning foreign languages and on Eton.

Series Books
Paddy Regan Comes The Blind Fury (1950)
  Meet A Body (1951)
  Telling Of Murder (1952)
Other Grand Prix Murder (1955)
  The Chequered Flag (1956)
  The Perilous Sky (1956)
  The Tyler Mystery [Paul Temple] (1957)
  The Long Echo (1957)
  A Shriek of Tyres aka On the Track of Death (1958)
  East of Algiers [Paul Temple] (1959)
  Murder Is Incidental (1961)
  The Creeping Flesh (1963)
  Best Motor Racing Stories (1965)
  The Black Leather Murders (1966)
  Skin for Skin (1968)
  The Gilt-edged Cockpit (1969)
  Clear the Fast Lane (1971)
  The Gunshot Grand Prix (1972)
  Kick Start (1973)
  Killer on the Track (1973)
  Rally to the Death (1974)
  Race Against the Sun (1975)
  Mystery Tour (1975)
  Return Load (1977)
  Collision Course (1978)
  Turbo (1980)
  The Benedictine Commando (1980)
  Porcupine Basin (1981)
  Stop at Nothing (1983)
  Battlefield Madonna (1985)
  A Game of Sudden Death (1987)