Writing as: Adrian Wills

According to the bio on Amazon: "I've always loved to read thrillers, and even now, nothing quite beats that rush of finding an amazing book that keeps you turning the pages into the small hours of the night, with your heart racing and your nerves jangling. You know what I mean, right?

Whether it's Frederick Forsyth, Alistair MacLean, Colin Forbes and Clive Cussler, authors who shaped my early reading, to more contemporary writers like Lee Child, Terry Hayes, Gillian Flynn, or BA Paris, they all have the talent to do that with their words.

It's a skill I'm working hard to perfect in my own writing. My writing career began seriously in 2011, with the advent of self-publishing. That unlocked the path to making a book available to the public without having to negotiate the gatekeepers of the publishing world.

Deep Sleepers is my debut novel, featuring my maverick hero, Tom Blake, a former Special Forces psychologist working on a covert Government programme in the war on terrorism.

And in 2018, I dipped my toe into the popular psychological thriller market with my novel Between The Lies, written under the name A J Wills.

I've been a journalist for more twenty years, but in 2017 moved into public relations with a cycling charity in the UK, as I'm a huge cycling fan when I'm not writing.

I'm married to fellow indie author, Amanda Wills, another former journalist. We met on a trip to the Rocky Mountains in Canada, organised by the Army. It was love at first sight across the flight deck of a military Lynx helicopter!

We live in Kent, in the south east of England, with our two teenage boys, Oliver and Thomas, and our two cats.

I'm offering a free novella in the series when you join my mailing list. More details on my website"

Series Books
Tom Blake Deep Sleepers (2014)
  The Armageddon Virus (2015)
  The Viper's Strike (2016)
  Conspiracy (2019)
  As Good As Dead (ss) (2020)