Writing as: J. J. Toner

According to the bio on Amazon: "My background is in Mathematics and computing, but I have been writing full time since 2005. I write short stories and novels. My novels include the bestselling WW2 spy story 'The Black Orchestra', and its three sequels, 'The Wings of the Eagle', 'A Postcard from Hamburg', and 'The Gingerbread Spy'.

Many of my short stories have been published in mainstream magazines. Check out 'EGGS and Other Stories' - a collection of satirical SF stories. I was born in a cabbage patch in Ireland, and I still live here with my first wife, although a significant part of our extended family lives in Australia."

Series Books
Kurt Muller The Black Orchestra (2013)
  The Wings Of The Eagle (2014)
  A Postcard From Hamburg (2015)
  The Gingerbread Spy (2018)