Writing as: Dave Barsby

According to the bio on Amazon: "A native of Central England, Dave is a civil servant and film addict who has a creative writing degree, several short stories, hundreds of articles, two unpublished sci-fi novels and half a dozen years as a magazine sub-editor under his (somewhat large) belt.

The Oracle Design (the first in the Jack Stone series of near-future thrillers) is the first book published. Travels in Space: Mercenary (a space comedy) is the second.

The second Jack Stone novel is due in 2018.

When not charging across America in a muscle car, Dave lives in Derby with a blind, deaf cat called Hera and a mass of books and DVDs to keep him entertained."

Series Books
Jack Stone The Oracle Design (2012)
  Virion (2018)
  Endgame (2019)