1977 -

Writing as: Aaron Smith

According to the bio on Amazon: "Aaron Smith was born in New Jersey in 1977. After years of trying to figure out what to do with his creative energy and trying everything from acting to visual arts to music, he finally settled on writing and hasn't looked back. He was extremely fortunate to have an opportunity for his first published work to feature his all-time favorite fictional character, Sherlock Holmes. Since then, he's written six more Holmes mysteries and a novel(Season of Madness) starring Holmes' friend Dr. John Watson.

Aaron's other work includes many short stories for the Airship 27 line of pulp anthologies, including stories featuring characters like the Black Bat, Dan Fowler:G-Man, Ki-Gor, and others. His two original pulp characters, Hound-Dog Harker and the Red Veil also debuted in Airship 27 books.

Outside the world of new pulp, Aaron has written stories for comic books, science fiction anthologies, detective magazines, flash fiction websites, and young adult anthologies"

Series Books
Richard Monroe Nobody Dies For Free (2013)
  Under The Radar (2015)