Writing as: Lisa Pietsch

According to the bio on Amazon: "After a long decade of rebuilding her own life, Lisa is looking forward to rejoining Task Force 125 with more stories, as well as writing stories about many other characters who have been waiting patiently for their own series.

Lisa Pietsch is a passionate nomad, exploring the U.S. with her two sons and darling companion of 5 years, Mike Morales. After an hiatus from writing fiction, Lisa has found her muse once again and is thrilled to be back in her writing chair!

Formerly a military cop in the U.S. Air Force, Lisa speaks varying levels of French, Russian and Spanish, was trained as a Hostage Negotiator by the FBI, and worked with MI-5 on select personal security details.

You'll find many of these themes in her Task Force 125 series, stories of espionage and paramilitary operations centered around the character of Sarah Stevens who is recruited into the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Special Activities Division."

Series Books
Task Force 125 The Path To Freedom (2011)
  A Taste Of Liberty (2012)
  Freedom's Promise (2012)
  Stealing Liberties (2012)
  Sarah's Summer (ss) (2012)
  Kissing The Frogman (2015)