Writing as: Ernie Moore

According to the bio on Amazon: "Jerusalem Bureau Chief for Barnabus Broadcasting Network and two other radio networks, novelist and lecturer, Dr. Ernie Moore knows the Middle East's intrigues, personalities and passions.

With a resume that includes Outdoor Life Magazine, Yedioth Ahronoth's, the Jerusalem Post and numerous US newspapers. His lively and insightful commentary and articles and draw readers from some unlikely spots including Iran, China, and 49 other nations. You'll get not just what's happening, but the why and what's going on behind the scenes.

Ernie's weekly radio broadcasts are heard across America and around the world. With a U.S. listener pool upwards of 90 million people in the US alone, Ernie's off-beat sense of humor and rich expertise entertains, informs and packs a punch.

Ernie also hosts travelers in Israel. If you would like to travel there with him and see the wonderful Holy Land, just contact him and ask for details on the next tour. Organizing and even personally traveling with some groups, you can depend on his expertise and his team of travel experts for your thrilling group tour."

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