Writing as: Jeffrey Belanger

According to the bio on Amazon: "Jeffrey Belanger has been a teacher since 1997 and was the teacher of the year for his school in 2010. His classes are known for their creativity and energy. This creativity and energy carries over naturally in his first novel Code Blood Red.

He is a CAA nationally certified Athletic Director and was Athletic Director from 2007 to 2015. As an athletic director he consistently needed to use all his wits to solve problems thinking outside the box. This outside the box thinking comes to life with Ali "the Cat" Armeni and Scott Belgrade.

He has been coaching basketball since 1994 and is known in Connecticut for his innovative "fun n' gun" style of play. The high scoring, high risk and high reward style of play is exactly what you get from start to finish in the first book of the series CODE BLOOD RED and book two FOURTH AND DEAD."

Series Books
Ali The Cat Code Blood Red (2014)
  Fourth And Dead (2015)
  Squeeze Play (2017)