Writing as: Bernard Lee DeLeo

According to the bio on Amazon: "Born and raised in Warren, Ohio, I write adventure fiction in many genres. I have fifty-nine of my novels offered for Amazon Kindle in the Unlimited Program. I have four continuing series offerings - Hard Case 1-13, Cold Blooded 1-12, Rick Cantelli, P.I. 1-10, and the New Adult paranormal series Demon 1-10, all with RJ Parker Publishing Inc. Recent releases are Hard Case 13: Raging Fury, the paranormal novel Blood Lust, Cold Blooded 12: Paint It Black, and Rick Cantelli, P.I. Book 10: Shadows of Horror. I served aboard the USS Ranger (CVA61) from 1969 until November of 1972. I earned an AA degree in Auto Technology from Chabot College in Hayward, CA, and a BA degree in English from Cal State Hayward. My hobbies are basketball, backpacking, and scuba diving. My favorite dive spot is Point Lobos near Pacific Grove, CA."

Series Books
John Harding Hard Case (2013)
  The Lure of Hell (2013)
  Voyage of the Damned (2014)
  A Violent Life (2014)
  Blood and Fear (2015)
  The Killer Inside (2015)
  Red Waves (2016)
  Kingdom of Hell (2016)
  Isle of Darkness (2017)
  No Mercy (2018)
  Killing Field (2018)
  Climate of Chaos (2019)
  Raging Fury (2019)
  Cold Harbor (2019)
  Hard Choices (2020)
  Live By The Feud (2021)
  Homefront Nightmare (2022)
Nick McCarty Witness Protection (2013)
  Killer Moves (2014)
  Sins and Sanctions (2014)
  Bloody Shadows (2015)
  Nightmares In Red (2015)
  Red Horizon (2016)
  Hell On Earth (2017)
  Rule Of Nightmare (2017)
  Bloody Justice (2018)
  Hell's Half Acre (2018)
  Blood and Honor (2019)
  Paint It Black (2019)
  Cold As Ice (2020)
  Bloody Hell (2021)
  Political Genocide (2021)