Writing as: Arthur Hall

According to the bio on Amazon: "I was born in Aston, Birmingham, UK, in 1944. When my teenage years were still ahead, I became fascinated by fiction, and felt the need to write as my literary efforts at school improved.

Thrillers and mystery stories have always attracted me and, in later years, tales of espionage. I have attempted to capture elements of these in 'The Demon of the Dusk' and 'Sole Contact', whereas my volumes of bizarre short stories, 'Facets of Fantasy' and 'Curious Tales', grew from random ideas that I felt were unsuitable for full-length books.

Four sequels to 'Sole Contact' - 'A Faint and Distant Threat', 'The Final Strategy', 'The Plain Face of Truth' and 'A Certain Way to Death', are now available, together with two international adventure stories - 'The Sagittarius Ring' and 'Controlled Descent', from Amazon as paperbacks and on kindle.

'The Demon of the Dusk', a rediscovered case from the files of Sherlock Holmes, has been followed, to date, by four others: 'The One Hundred per Cent Society, 'The Secret Assassin', 'The Phantom Killer' and 'In Pursuit of the Dead'."

Series Books
Robert Lane Sole Contact (2012)
  A Faint And Distant Threat (2012)
  The Final Strategy (2013)
  The Plain Face Of Truth (2014)
  A Certain Way To Death (2017)
Other The Sagittarius Ring [Bernard Karmer] (2016)
  Controlled Descent [Bernard Karmer] (2016)
  Facets of Fantasy (2016)
  Curious Tales (2016)
  The Phantom Killer [Sherlock Holmes] (2018)
  The One Hundred Per Cent Society [Sherlock Holmes] (2018)
  The Demon of the Dark [Sherlock Holmes] (2018)
  Further Little-Known Cases of Sherlock Holmes (2020)