Writing as: Stephen F. Freeman, Malcolm Pierce

According to the bio on Amazon: "Thriller/mystery author Steve Freeman is a former member of the US Army's Signal Corps, a thirty-one year employee of a large American technology company, and an avid traveler who has visited every continent but Antarctica. The novels of "The Blackwell Files" draw from his firsthand knowledge of military service, the tech industry, and the diverse cultures of our world.

He currently lives near Atlanta, Georgia with his wife, daughter, and three dogs."

Series Books
Stephen F. Freeman
The Blackwell Files Nefarious (2013)
  Ruthless (2014)
  T Wave (2014)
  Havoc (2014)
  The Devil's Due (2015)
  The Evolution Of Evil (2015)
  The Tears Of God (2016)
  When The Killing Starts (2016)
  The Dig (2017)
  Thirty Seconds To Live (2018)
  The Network (2020)
Other Extraction (2017)
  The Rebel Of Goza (2018)
  Supertide (2020)
Malcolm Pierce
Other Blood Passage (2016)
  Erased (2017)