Writing as: William Sewell

According to a bio on Goodreads: "A Vietnam and U.S. Air Force Veteran, Sewell began his clandestine career while serving in [REDACTED] with the [REDACTED]. After leaving [REDACTED], he traveled to the Middle East under contract with the [REDACTED] just before the first [REDACTED][REDACTED]. Working with the Departments of State and Defense, as well as the [REDACTED], Sewell also consulted on security matters with the governments of Kuwait, Australia, India, Oman, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, China, Canada, and the European Council of Mayors. Sewell also provided security expertise for the Super Bowl, NFL and MLB stadiums, airports, and numerous corporate headquarters and locations."

Series Books
Peyton Stone The Iran Affair (2012)
  The Fifth Domain (2014)