1932 - 1988

Writing as: Ralph Dennis

According to a bio on Goodreads: "Ralph Dennis was born in South Carolina and had a master’s degree from the University of North Carolina, where he also taught. For mystery fans, Dennis will always be associated with the City of Atlanta, the locale for the twelve novel series about Jim Hardman, former cop and unofficial private eye, all published by Popular Library between 1974 and 1977.

At the time of his death in 1988, he was working at a bookstore in Atlanta and had a file cabinet full of unpublished novels."

Series Books
John Kane Deadman's Game (1976)
  Kane (working title) (1978)
  A Talent For Killing (2019)
Other The Golden Girl and All [Hardman] (1074)
  Atlanta Deathwatch [Hardman] (1974)
  Working for the Man [Hardman] (1974)
  Down Among the Jocks [Hardman] (1974)
  Murder is Not an Odd Job [Hardman] (1974)
  Pimp for the Dead [Hardman] (1974)
  The Charleston Knife is Back in Town [Hardman] (1974)
  The Deadly Cotton Heart [Hardman] (1976)
  Hump's First Case [Hardman] (1976)
  The One Dollar Tip Off [Hardman] (1976)
  The Last of the Armageddon Wars [Hardman] (1977)
  The Buy Back Blues [Hardman] (1977)
  MacTaggart's War (1979)
  The Broken Fixer (2019)
  The Spy in a Box (2019)