Writing as: Andrew French

According to the bio on Amazon: "Andrew French was born in Derby in 1964. Raised in Grantham, Lincolnshire. Following an interesting few years he spent most of his career in the Funeral Service. Qualifying as a Funeral Director in 1988, Andrew went on to become the Managing Director of a large independent funeral group. Andrew is married to Alison - they have five children and live in rural Leicestershire.

Following a period at home to care for his youngest son he wrote his first spy novel, Assassin's Run, in 2011 - the first of the Michael Prentiss stories which chronicles how a young man about to join the British Army is reluctantly drawn into the shadowy world of espionage and assassination."

Series Books
Michael Prentiss Assassin's Run (2012)
  The Ares File (2012)
  Personal Retributions (2013)
  Rules of the Game (2013)
  At All Costs (2015)
  Set A Thief (2016)
  The Reckoning (2018)