Writing as: Tom Williams

According to the bio on Amazon: "Have you ever noticed how many authors are described as 'reclusive'? I have a lot of sympathy for them. My feeling is that authors generally like to hide at home with their laptops or their quill pens and write stuff. If they enjoyed being in the public eye, they'd be stand-up comics or pop stars.

Nowadays, though, writers are told that their audiences want to be able to relate to them as people. I'm not entirely sure about that. If you knew me, you might not want to relate to me at all. But here in hyperspace I apparently have to tell you that I'm young and good looking and live somewhere exciting with a beautiful partner, a son who is a brain surgeon and a daughter who is a swimwear model. Then you'll buy my book."

Series Books
James Burke Burke in the Land of Silver (2014)
  Burke and the Bedouin (2015)
  Burke At Waterloo (2015)
  Burke In The Peninsula (2020)
  Burke In Ireland (2021)
  Burke And The Pimpernel Affair (2022)