1919 - 2012

Writing as: Frederick E. Smith

According to Wikipedia: "Frederick Escreet Smith was a British author, best known for his 1956 novel 633 Squadron about a Second World War RAF Mosquito squadron undertaking a seemingly impossible mission to bomb a well-protected German factory at the head of a Norwegian fjord. The novel was made into a successful film in 1964. He also wrote the original 1951 story that the film Devil Doll (1964) is based on."

Series Books
The Persuaders The Persuaders #1 (1971)
  Overture (ss) (1971)
  Angie, Angie (ss) (1971)
  The Persuaders #2 (1972)
  Five Miles To Midnight (ss) (1972)
  Someone Like Me (ss) (1972)
  The Persuaders #3 (1974)
  The Gold Napoleon (ss) (1974)
  Greensleaves (ss) (1974)
  The Old, The New, And The Deadly (ss) (1974)