Writing as: Robert S. Baker

1916 - 2009

Robert Sidney Baker was a British film and television producer, who at times was also a cinematographer and director. Born in London and serving as an artillery man in the British Army, he was posted to North Africa, where he became involved in the army's film and photographic unit, later serving as a combat cameraman in Europe. Despite a prolific film and television career, Baker was principally known for his long-time professional relationship with Monty Berman, where they founded Tempean Films, churning out comedies, thrillers, and mysteries. Some of their more popular work included Jack The Ripper, The Siege of Sidney Street, The Hellfire Club, and The Secret of Monte Carlo. Later, he was to be involved with nearly every filmed usage of the Leslie Charteris creation, The Saint.

Series Books
The Persuaders [creator]