Writing as: Brian Bayport

According to the excepts on Amazon from his website:

"-- I have never been employed by the CIA. Honest.

I mention this because much of my Danner series seems to take you behind the scenes at the CIA. It may sound realistic, but it's all made up.

-- I have worked as a professional photographer, cinematographer, and videographer for Fortune 500 companies (they made the fortune, I got the 500).

When I write about photography and film/video it's based on some of my experiences. After reading so many thrillers with guns, I thought it was time to bring photography into the picture.

-- I spent four years in Naval Aviation, hunting Soviet submarines (found some, too).

I mention this because a couple of my characters come from a military background, including Danner, who spent time in the navy. (Yes, Matt seems like a real person to me by now.)

If you've read the book, please take a few minutes to write a review. Since I suspect most people go by the stars rating, you don't need to say much in your review, but any help is appreciated."

Series Books
Matt Danner The Petrograd Pictures (2014)
  The Pyongyang Pictures (2014)
  The Pearl Harbor Pictures (2014)