1932 - 2010

Writing as: Dick Giordano

According to Wikipedia: "Richard Joseph "Dick" Giordano was an American comics artist and editor whose career included introducing Charlton Comics' "Action Heroes" stable of superheroes and serving as executive editor of DC Comics."

According to "As a freelance artist, Dick began his career at the Jerry Iger Studio working on Shenna for Fiction House.

In the years that followed, Giordano worked his pencil and ink magic for a variety of publishers including Charlton Comics, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Dell, American Comics, Valiant, Treasure Chest and Junior Life.

In addition to his considerable freelance contributions, Giordano has acted as Editor-In-Chief for Charlton Comics, during which he oversaw the creation of their most memorable characters including such classics as The Blue Beetle and Captain Atom. As Executive Editorial Director of DC Comics, Dick was the guiding force behind such award-winning series as Alan Moore’s WATCHMEN, Frank Miller’s DARK KNIGHT RETURNS and many, many more revolutionary concepts."

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