1939 - 2017

Writing as: André Le Gallo

According to the bio on Amazon: "Le Gallo immigrated from France, graduated from Lehigh University, obtained a commission in the Army (Fort Benning/Infantry) and served as an operations officer in the CIA on several continents. The Caliphate is his first novel. Satan's Spy, a sequel, will follow soon. He lives in California with his wife Cathy.

He studied Arabic and Islam at John Hopkins' School of Advanced International Study, attended the National War College, and has years of on-the-ground experience on both sides of the Arab Israeli issue.

He was the National Intelligence Officer for Counterterrorism, has spoken at Harvard, Rice, Berkeley, Stanford, the National Labs, the National Counter Terrorist Center, testified to Congress, and was a Visiting Scholar at the Hoover Institution. Two of his articles, on Covert Action and Somalia, have been published."

Series Books
Steve Church The Caliphate (2012)
  Satan's Spy (2012)
  The Red Cell (2014)