1916 - 1991

Writing as: John Harris, Mark Hebden, Max Hennessy

According to the bio on Wikipedia: "John Harris (18 October 1916 – 7 March 1991) was a British author. He published a series of crime novels featuring the character Inspector Pel, and war books. He wrote with his own name, and also with the pseudonyms of Mark Hebden and Max Hennessy. His 1953 novel The Sea Shall Not Have Them was the basis for a feature film of the same name in 1954. He was the father of Juliet Harris, who published more Inspector Pel books under the name of Juliet Hebden.

Harris later served in the Royal Air Force as a corporal attached to the South African Air Force. After the war he rejoined the Sheffield Telegraph as a political and comedy cartoonist (his creations included the Calamity Kids and Amateur Archie), and stayed until the mid-1950s when, following the outstanding success of his 1953 novel The Sea Shall Not Have Them—later, in 1954, made into a film of the same name—he became a full-time author. From 1955 he lived at West Wittering, near Chichester, West Sussex. His first published novel was The Lonely Voyage (1951), and he went on to write more than 80 works of fiction and non-fiction, including Covenant With Death (1961). He also wrote as Max Hennessy and Mark Hebden. As Hebden he published a series of crime novels featuring the character Inspector Pel."

Series Books
John Harris
Other The Lonely Voyage (1951)
  Hallelujah Corner (1952)
  The Sea Shall Not Have Them The Undaunted (1953)
  The Claws of Mercy (1955)
  Getaway aka Close to the Wind (1956)
  The Sleeping Mountain (1958)
  Road to the Coast aka Adventure's End (1959)
  Sunset at Sheba (1960)
  Covenant with Death (1961)
  The Spring of Malice (1962)
  The Unforgiving Wind (1963)
  Vardy (1964)
  The Cross of Lazzaro (1965)
  The Old Trade of Killing (1966)
  Light Cavalry Action (1967)
  Right of Reply (1968)
  The Mercenaries aka The Jade Wind [Ira Penaluna] (1969)
  The Courtney Entry [Ira Penaluna] (1971)
  The Fledglings [Martin Falconer] (1971)
  A Kind of Courage (1972)
  The Mustering of the Hawks [Ira Penaluna] (1972)
  The Professionals [Martin Falconer] (1973)
  Smiling Willie and the Tiger (1974)
  The Victors [Martin Falconer] (1975)
  Ride Out the Storm (1975)
  Take or Destroy (1976)
  Army of Shadows (1977)
  The Interceptors [Martin Falconer] (1977)
  The Revolutionaries [Martin Falconer] (1978)
  The Fox from His Lair (1978)
  Cotton's War (1979)
  Swordpoint (1980)
  North Strike (1981)
  Harkaway's Sixth Column (1983)
  A Funny Place to Hold a War (1984)
  Up for Grabs (1985)
  The Thirty Days' War (1986)
  China Seas (1987)
  Picture of Defeat (1988)
  So Far from God (1989)
Mark Hebden
Colonel Mostyn Mask of Violence (1970)
  A Pride of Dolphins (1974)
  The League of 89 (1977)
Other What Changed Charley Farthing (1965)
  The Eyewitness (1966)
  The Errant Knights (1968)
  Portrait in a Dusty Frame aka Grave Journey (1969)
  Mask of Violence (1970)
  A Killer for the Chairman (1972)
  The Dark Side of the Island (1973)
  A Pride of Dolphins (1974)
  The League of 89 (1977)
  Death Set to Music aka Pel and the Parked Car [Pel] (1979)
  Pel and the Faceless Corpse [Pel] (1979)
  Pel Under Pressure [Pel] (1980)
  Pel Is Puzzled [Pel] (1981)
  Pel and the Bombers [Pel] (1982)
  Pel and the Staghound [Pel] (1982)
  Pel and the Pirates [Pel] (1984)
  Pel and the Predators [Pel] (1984)
  Pel and the Prowler [Pel] (1985)
  Pel and the Paris Mob [Pel] (1986)
  Pel Among the Pueblos [Pel] (1987)
  Pel and the Touch of Pitch [Pel] (1987)
  Pel and the Picture of Innocence [Pel] (1988)
  Pel and the Party Spirit [Pel] (1989)
  Pel and the Missing Persons [Pel] (1990)
  Pel and the Promised Land [Pel] (1991)
Max Hennessy
Other The Lion At Sea [Kelly McGuire] (1977)
  The Dangerous Years [Kelly McGuire] (1978)
  Back to Battle [Kelly McGuire] (1979)
  Soldier of the Queen [Goff Family] (1980)
  Blunted Lance [Goff Family] (1981)
  The Iron Stallions [Goff Family] (1982)
  The Bright Blue Sky [Dicken Quinney] (1982)
  The Challenging Heights [Dicken Quinney] (1983)
  Once More the Hawks [Dicken Quinney] (1984)