1892 - 1944

Writing as: Frederick Frost

According to Wikipedia: "Frederick Schiller Faust was an American author known primarily for his thoughtful and literary Westerns under the pen name Max Brand. Faust (as Max Brand) also created the popular fictional character of young medical intern Dr. James Kildare in a series of pulp fiction stories. Faust's Kildare character was subsequently featured over several decades in other media, including a series of American theatrical films by Paramount Pictures and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), a radio series, two television series, and comics."

Series Books
Anthony Hamilton The Strange Villa (ss) (1935)
  The Little Father of Death (ss) (1935)
  The Scarred Back (ss) (1935)
  The Man in the Shroud (ss) (1935)
  Treason Against A King (ss) (1935)
  The Gilded Box (ss) (1935)
  Wings Over Moscow (ss) (1935)
  The Downfall (ss) (1935)
  Secret Agent Number One (1936)
  Spy Meets Spy (1937)
  The Bamboo Whistle (1937)