1899 - 1951

Writing as: Emile C. Tepperman

According to the Encyclopedia of Science-Fiction: "US insurance broker and author, active in the 1930s and 1940s under his own name, beginning with "Satan's Scalpel" for Secret Agent "X" in March 1934, a Pulp magazine for which he also wrote several longer stories under the house name Brant House. He contributed several book-length instalments to the long Spider sequence of sf-inflected stories "

Series Books
Sam Farrell Hi-Jackers From Hell (ss) (1936)
  When One Spy Dies (ss) (1936)
Operator #5 War Dogs of the Green Destroyer (01/1936)
  Liberty's Suicide Legions (01/1937)
  The Coming of the Mongol Hordes (01/1938)
  Rockets from Hell (02/1936)
  The Siege of the Thousand Patriots (02/1937)
  War Masters from the Orient (03/1936)
  Patriots' Death March (03/1937)
  The Siege that Brought the Black Death (03/1938)
  Crime's Reign of Terror (04/1936)
  Revolt of the Lost Legions (05/1937)
  Revolt of the Devil Men (05/1938)
  Death's Ragged Army (06/1936)
  Drums of Destruction (07/1937)
  Patriots' Death Battalion (08/1936)
  The Army Without A Country (09/1937)
  The Bloody Forty-Five Days (10/1936)
  The Bloody Frontiers (11/1937)
  Raiders of the Red Death (12/1935)
  America's Plague Battalions (12/1936)
Secret Agent X City of Living Dead (1934)
  Hand of Horror (1934)
  Servants of the Skull (1934)
  The Murder Monster (1934)
  Talons of Terror (1935)