1862 - 1933

Writing as: Clarence H. New

According to the bio on ZSR Library, the website for the library at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC:

"Clarence Herbert New was a writer, editor, adventurer, and novelist, best known for his work "Free Lances in Diplomacy" a serial novel (sic) published in Blue Book Magazine from 1909-1934.

Clarence Herbert New was born on November 14, 1862 in Brooklyn, New York, the only child of Tobias and Lizzie A. Parmelee New.

He published under his own name and pseudonyms including Culpeper Zandtt, Stephen Hopkins Orcutt, Devon Ames, and Norman Blake.

In his youth, Clarence New traveled widely, writing poetry and drawing sketches. He engaged in several expeditions to Oceania, Africa, South America, the Caribbean, and Asia, and also traveled extensively in Europe and the United States. During his travels he became increasingly interested in ships.

He graduated from the Adelphi Academy in Brooklyn, the Betts Military Academy in Stamford, Connecticut, and the Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute.

He married Rachel Tatum on November 10, 1891. Clarence New served as editor of Truth, the New York and London Literary Press, and Reel Life and his adventure stories and novels were published in Blue Book Magazine, Adventure Magazine, the Premier, as well as other pulp magazines.

Clarence New's writing focused mostly on stories of international intrigue, diplomatic mysteries, and global exploration and he has been credited with popularizing the international espionage genre. His work was often informed by his own travel experience, supplemented by photographs, ephemera, and maps. Clarence New was also an amateur photographer, capturing still lifes, landscapes, and portraits in Maine and New York.

Clarence New's right arm was amputated in 1916 following a bear attack near a New York zoo.

He died on January 8, 1933."

Series Books
Agent of the Government A Diplomatic Outrage (ss) (1909)
  A Speculation in Rifles (ss) (1909)
  The Teutonic Agreement (ss) (1909)
  The Mining of the Dardanelles (ss) (1909)
  A Blow at the Entente Cordiale (ss) (1909)
  The Anti-Expansion League (ss) (1909)
  The Commission from Argentina (ss) (1909)
  The Rescue of a Scientist (ss) (1909)
  The Antiraguan Affair (ss) (1909)
Free Lances in Diplomacy The Affair of the Kiel Maneuvers (ss) (1910)
  A Ward of the Crown (ss) (1910)
  Friends of the Grand Duke (ss) (1910)
  An Imperial Indiscretion (ss) (1910)
  The Abduction of an Aviator (ss) (1910)
  The House of Weissburg-Altstadt (ss) (1910)
  The Egyptian Affair (ss) (1910)
  The Slavonic Conspiracy (ss) (1910)
  The Love Affair of a Princess (ss) (1910)
  The Great Loan Syndicate (ss) (1911)
  A Debut in the Secret Service (ss) (1911)
  Et Tu - Carissima (ss) (1911)
  The Cat's Paw (ss) (1911)
  A Regency Plot (ss) (1911)
  Political Anaesthesia (ss) (1911)
  When the Fox Stole the Bait (ss) (1911)
  The Potter and the Clay (ss) (1911)
  A Personal Obligation (ss) (1911)
  A House Party at Trevor Hall (ss) (1911)
  With Royalty at Biarritz (ss) (1911)
  A Leak in the Foreign Office (ss) (1911)
  The Mysterious Death of a Monarch (ss) (1912)
  Sonia Krellovna (ss) (1912)
  The King of Delgaria (ss) (1912)
  The Princess Delicia (ss) (1912)
  Marked for Murder (ss) (1912)
  The Conspiracy of March 14th (ss) (1912)
  The Durbar of the Kaisar-i-Hind (ss) (1912)
  The Affair at Spithead (ss) (1912)
  A Foreign Office Duel (ss) (1912)
  The Mohammedan Conspiracy (ss) (1912)
  A Dangerous Recognition (ss) (1912)
  The Laugh on Prinz Wilhelm (ss) (1912)
  The Goat Scores a Coup (ss) (1913)
  A Militant Outrage (ss) (1913)
  The British Foreign Office Acquires a "Goat"' (ss) (1913)
  A Key to the Canal (ss) (1913)
  A Conspirator in Old Chelsea (ss) (1913)
  The Shadow of the Slav (ss) (1913)
  The Jade Casket of Tzu-Hsi (ss) (1913)
  Russia Provides Occupation for an Ally (ss) (1913)
  A Recruit for the Lost Legion (ss) (1913)
  On the Chess-Board of Europe (ss) (1913)
  The Balkan War (ss) (1913)
  A Honeymoon Alibi (ss) (1913)
  The Armies of the Fourth Estate (ss) (1914)
  The Breath of Suspicion (ss) (1914)
  What One May May Do (ss) (1914)
  That Which Can Never Be Undone (ss) (1914)
  The Brain Pump (ss) (1914)
  Free Lances in Diplomacy (ss) (1914)
  American Ideas in Diplomacy (ss) (1914)
  In the Devil's Clutches (ss) (1914)
  The Education of Hassan Ali (ss) (1914)
  Secret Instructions from the Czar (ss) (1914)
  An Empire Versus a Wooden Shaving (ss) (1914)
  The Brewing of Hell-Broth (ss) (1915)
  The Scandinavian Coup (ss) (1915)
  The Netherlands Plot (ss) (1915)
  The Serpents Among Them (ss) (1915)
  The Wail of the Banshee (ss) (1915)
  An Escape - and a Resurrection (ss) (1915)
  Within the Enemy's Citadel (ss) (1915)
  A Crisis in Turkey (ss) (1915)
  The Neutrality of Bulgaria (ss) (1915)
  A Message to Roumania (ss) (1915)
  The Fortunes of War (ss) (1915)
  The Man From Downing Street (ss) (1915)
  The Voice of Count Johann (ss) (1915)
  The Greater Plot (ss) (1916)
  The Roumanian Coup (ss) (1916)
  The Mysterious Camp in the Pyrenees (ss) (1916)
  The Wireless Mystery (ss) (1916)
  The Fight for Holland (ss) (1916)
  Greeks of Thermopylae - Greeks of the Debacle (ss) (1916)
  The Aldershot Affair (ss) (1916)
  The Menace in Petrograd (ss) (1916)
  Traitors Unawares (ss) (1916)
  The Dare-Devils (ss) (1916)
  Secret Service (ss) (1916)
  The Honor of Islam (ss) (1916)
  The Loaded Dice of Germany (ss) (1917)
  Poker in Vienna (ss) (1917)
  In the Kaiser's Council-Chamber (ss) (1917)
  The World Against Them (ss) (1917)
  Overheard in Germany (ss) (1917)
  The Beginnings of the Revolution (ss) (1917)
  Behind the Secret Panel (ss) (1917)
  The Man Behind the Throne (ss) (1917)
  Outwitting the Green Circle (ss) (1917)
  The Last Laugh (ss) (1917)
  A Counterstroke in Sweden (ss) (1917)
  The Crisis in Petrograd (ss) (1917)
  The Blue Letter (ss) (1918)
  The Tightening of the Net (ss) (1918)
  The Return of the Free Lances (ss) (1918)
  The Devil Unchained (ss) (1918)
  The Corporal from Cincinnati (ss) (1918)
  The Unseen Hand (1918)
  We Have Just Begun to Fight (ss) (1918)
  That Which Was Russia (ss) (1918)
  Between the Lines (ss) (1918)
  The Enemy in Their Midst (ss) (1918)
  Inside Work (ss) (1918)
  When Treason Stalked by Night (ss) (1918)
  Eagles of the Sea (ss) (1918)
  The Ironville Experiment (ss) (1919)
  The Italian Interlude (ss) (1919)
  The Girl from the States (ss) (1919)
  The Spreading of the Plague (ss) (1919)
  Putting Up a Front (ss) (1919)
  The Drift Toward Chaos (ss) (1919)
  The Tiger (ss) (1919)
  The Green Table - and the Croupiers (ss) (1919)
  In the Center of the Web (ss) (1919)
  In Butchers' Hands (ss) (1919)
  One to Ten Thousand (ss) (1919)
  Briton and Bolshevik (ss) (1919)
  Books and Bombs (ss) (1920)
  Drawing the Cobra's Fangs (ss) (1920)
  When England Began to Wake Up (ss) (1920)
  A Message to Russia (ss) (1920)
  The Radical Revolution (ss) (1920)
  Getting the Output (ss) (1920)
  The Guiding Hand (ss) (1920)
  Indirect Action [1] (ss) (1920)
  The Rising Tide (ss) (1920)
  Wanted: 100,000,000 Americans (ss) (1920)
  The Old Game - and the Changing Players (ss) (1920)
  The Great Imposture (ss) (1921)
  Young Player in the Old Game (ss) (1921)
  A Gathering of the Vultures (ss) (1921)
  For the Peace of Europe (ss) (1921)
  Seeing Is Believing (ss) (1921)
  Under the Crust of India (ss) (1921)
  In an Old Venetian Palace (ss) (1921)
  The House of Intrigue (ss) (1921)
  The Dreams of Asia (ss) (1921)
  A European Commonwealth (ss) (1921)
  Chinese Hazard (ss) (1921)
  War Clouds in the Balkans (ss) (1922)
  The Propaganda Fund (ss) (1922)
  The Oriental Embassy Affair (ss) (1922)
  The Alliance That Never Was Signed (ss) (1922)
  An Echo from the Russian Debacle (ss) (1922)
  Government by the People (ss) (1922)
  A Major Operation in Politics (ss) (1922)
  A Challenge to the Submarine (ss) (1922)
  Mr. Trevor of Boston (ss) (1922)
  The Ghost in Charge (ss) (1922)
  A Daring Impersonation (ss) (1922)
  A Question of Finance (ss) (1922)
  A Short-Sighted Plot (ss) (1923)
  The Embassy Plot (ss) (1923)
  Man Proposes (ss) (1923)
  The Oriental Menace (ss) (1923)
  Personally Conducted (ss) (1923)
  The Camera-Men (ss) (1923)
  The Missing Treaty (ss) (1923)
  A Mohammedan Adventure (ss) (1923)
  Mr. Blynn's Night Off (ss) (1923)
  The Whispering in Russia (ss) (1923)
  When Intrigue Was in Flower (ss) (1923)
  A Prescription from Three Specialists (ss) (1923)
  A Weakening of Morale (ss) (1924)
  Jason Hudders, M.P. (ss) (1924)
  A Call for Help (ss) (1924)
  The Traffic in Munitions (ss) (1924)
  The Arresting Ray (ss) (1924)
  The Roumanian Entente (ss) (1924)
  A Night on Breton Road (ss) (1924)
  A Night in the Kremlin (ss) (1924)
  The House at Harlesden Green! (ss) (1924)
  The Map of the Mediterranean (ss) (1924)
  What Happened at Windsor (ss) (1924)
  The Windsor Castle Plot (ss) (1924)
  Production (ss) (1925)
  In a London Backwater (ss) (1925)
  Sidetracking a Hypnotist (ss) (1925)
  Fear (ss) (1925)
  The Advantage of the Initiative (ss) (1925)
  A Turncoat in Parliament (ss) (1925)
  The Business of Annihilation (ss) (1925)
  A Limb of the Old Tree (ss) (1925)
  The Man Who Forgot (ss) (1925)
  The One Irresistible Woman (ss) (1925)
  The Unbearable Note (ss) (1926)
  Cherchez la Femme (ss) (1926)
  Framing the Left Wing (ss) (1926)
  Balance Wheels (ss) (1926)
  That Boasted Isolation (ss) (1926)
  The End of the Submarine (ss) (1926)
  To Be - or Not to Be - Annihilated (ss) (1926)
  The Herriott Gas (ss) (1926)
  A Cabinet in the Making (ss) (1926)
  Maitre de l'Epee (ss) (1927)
  The Specter in the Air (ss) (1927)
  Thanks to the Kitten (ss) (1927)
  The Attack from Moscow (ss) (1927)
  The King Business (ss) (1927)
  A Daughter of the Slums (ss) (1927)
  Four of a Kind (ss) (1927)
  A Radio Double-Cross (ss) (1927)
  Free Lances in Diplomacy (ss) (1928)
  Free Lances in Diplomacy (ss) (1928)
  A Very Private Conference (ss) (1928)
  Free Lances in Diplomacy (ss) (1928)
  Free Lances in Diplomacy (ss) (1928)
  A Spy in Downing Street (ss) (1928)
  The Resignation of Michael Radayne (ss) (1928)
  Free Lances in Diplomacy (ss) (1928)
  Free Lances in Diplomacy (ss) (1928)
  Free Lances in Diplomacy (ss) (1928)
  An Adventure in Backfire (ss) (1928)
  What the Australian Had (ss) (1929)
  Airways of the Sea (ss) (1929)
  Documents in Code (ss) (1929)
  The Cloud in the East (ss) (1929)
  The Attempt to Cork Suez (ss) (1929)
  Prince Abdool of Afridistan (ss) (1929)
  The Prince Comes Home (ss) (1929)
  Enemies of Peace (ss) (1929)
  Free Lances in Diplomacy (ss) (1929)
  The Mysterious Affair at Clifton Hill (ss) (1929)
  A Potentate in Trouble (ss) (1929)
  Free Lances in Diplomacy (ss) (1929)
  The Adventure of Joe Hobbs (ss) (1930)
  An Agreement in Code (ss) (1930)
  "The Maharajah of Bandracore" (ss) (1930)
  Trouble in the Balkans (ss) (1930)
  A Wireless Bomb (ss) (1930)
  The Twelve-Hour Gas (ss) (1930)
  Free Lances in Diplomacy (ss) (1930)
  The Aylesworth Metal (ss) (1930)
  Pirates or Patriots (ss) (1930)
  The Honor of the Trevors (ss) (1930)
  The Parliament Plot (ss) (1930)
  The Carmanian Crisis (ss) (1930)
  The 1931 Air Raid on London (ss) (1931)
  The Red Raid (ss) (1931)
  The Adventure of Lady Jean (ss) (1931)
  A King Is Kidnaped (ss) (1931)
  A Nightmare Ended (ss) (1931)
  Moscow Gets a Jolt (ss) (1931)
  The Defense of London (ss) (1931)
  Indirect Action [2] (ss) (1931)
  The Peace-Time War (ss) (1931)
  Spass of Hamburg (ss) (1931)
  Game of a Royal Pawn (ss) (1931)
  The Man from Carpathia (ss) (1931)
  The Ghost of a Colossus (ss) (1932)
  The Return of the Exile (ss) (1932)
  The Putsch That Failed (ss) (1932)
  The Cloud in the Orient (ss) (1932)
  Why Devils Came to Manchuria (ss) (1932)
  The Sinews of War (ss) (1932)
  When China Fights (ss) (1932)
  Behind the Scenes in China (ss) (1932)
  The Buildings That Vanished (ss) (1932)
  The Silencing of John Cowdray (ss) (1932)
  An Asiatic Vendetta (ss) (1932)
  A Manchurian Adventure (ss) (1932)
  The Foreign-Office Murder (ss) (1933)
  Six Who Could Think (ss) (1933)
  The Abducted Premier (ss) (1933)
  The Transatlantic Air Mail (ss) (1933)
  Planes Across the Sea (ss) (1933)
  The Strange Case of Lady Anne (ss) (1933)
  The Anchored Island (ss) (1942)
The International Bureau The Organization and the Sprague Case (ss) (1908)
  The Rescue of a Diplomat (ss) (1908)
  A Dangerous Competitor (ss) (1908)
  The Woodville Rubies (ss) (1908)
  The Order of Green Friars (ss) (1908)
  The Cruise of the Gray Ghost (ss) (1908)