1939 -

Writing as: John Lutz

According to Wikipedia: "John Lutz (born September 11, 1939 in Dallas) is an American writer who mainly writes mystery novels. He has received an Edgar Award and the Shamus Award twice, and his novel Single White Female was the basis for the 1992 film starring Bridget Fonda. John Lutz also writes stories for jigsaw puzzles."

According to FantasticFiction: "John Lutz published his first short story in 1966 in Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine and has been publishing regularly ever since. His work includes political suspense, private eye novels, urban suspense, humor, occult, crime caper, police procedural, espionage, historical, futuristic, amateur detective --- virtually every mystery sub-genre. He is the author of more than 35 novels and 250 short stories and articles. His novels and short fiction have been translated into virtually every language and adapted for almost every medium. He is a past president of both Mystery Writers of America and Private Eye Writers of America. Among his awards are the MWA Edgar, the PWA Shamus, The Trophee 813 Award for best mystery short story collection translated into the French language, the PWA Life Achievement Award, and the Short Mystery Fiction Society's Golden Derringer Lifetime Achievement Award."

Series Books
Thomas Laker The Honorable Traitors (2018)
  The Havana Game (2019)
Other The Truth of the Matter (1971)
  Buyer Beware [Alo Nudger] (1976)
  Bonegrinder (1977)
  Lazarus Man (1979)
  Jericho Man (1980)
  The Shadow Man (1981)
  Exiled (1982)
  Night Lines [Alo Nudger] (1984)
  The Eye (1984)
  The Right to Sing the Blues [Alo Nudger] (1986)
  Tropical Heat [Fred Carver] (1986)
  Scorcher [Fred Carver] (1987)
  Ride the Lightning [Alo Nudger] (1987)
  Dancer's Debt [Alo Nudger] (1988)
  Shadowtown (1988)
  Kiss [Fred Carver] (1988)
  Time Exposure [Alo Nudger] (1989)
  Flame [Fred Carver] (1990)
  Diamond Eyes [Alo Nudger] (1990)
  Single White Female (1990)
  Bloodfire [Fred Carver] (1991)
  Hot [Fred Carver] (1992)
  Dancing with the Dead (1992)
  Thicker Than Blood [Alo Nudger] (1993)
  Spark [Fred Carver] (1993)
  Torch [Fred Carver] (1994)
  Burn [Fred Carver] (1995)
  Death by Jury [Alo Nudger] (1995)
  Lightning [Fred Carver] (1996)
  The Ex (1996)
  Oops! [Alo Nudger] (1998)
  Final Seconds (1998)
  The Nudger Dilemmas [Alo Nudger] (2001)
  The Night Caller [Night] (2001)
  The Night Watcher [Night] (2002)
  The Night Spider aka Night Victims [Night] (2003)
  Darker Than Night [Frank Quinn] (2004)
  Fear The Night [Night] (2005)
  Chill Of Night [Night] (2006)
  In For The Kill [Frank Quinn] (2007)
  Night Kills [Frank Quinn] (2008)
  Urge To Kill [Frank Quinn] (2009)
  Mister X [Frank Quinn] (2010)
  Serial [Frank Quinn] (2011)
  Pulse [Frank Quinn] (2012)
  Twist [Frank Quinn] (2013)
  Frenzy [Frank Quinn] (2014)
  Slaughter [Frank Quinn] (2015)