Writing as: Adrian Monico

According to the bio in his first book of this series: "Adrian Monico was born in Australia to Italian parents. His family returned to Italy when he was 2 years old where he was raised in the Alps until the age of 14. On returning to Australia, Adrian was required to learn English in order to complete High School and pursue his interest in Physics at University. 

At the completion of his first year at University, Adrian decided to join the Australian Defence Force (ADF) as a Commissioned Army Officer. During his 15 years of service Adrian reached the rank of Major. The ADF sponsored Adrian to return to university and study Information Technology. He also commanded Surface to Air missile systems and saw active service in East Timor.  


Adrian is currently a successful IT and Telecommunications Service Delivery Manager."

Series Books
Simon Eady Simon Eady (2012)
  Simon Eady - The Teenage Spy (2016)