Writing as: David Lowe

According to the bio on Amazon: "After 27 years service as a police officer, most of which was spent as a detective in the UK's Special Branch counter-terrorism unit, David Lowe is currently a university lecturer at Liverpool's John Moores University, where he actively researches and teaches terrorism studies. His David Hurst stories are based on his own experiences as a detective, when he investigated and dealt with members of the Provisional IRA and Al Qaeda. David Lowe also has academic work published in the area of terrorism, including a chapter 'Spooking the Spooks' in 'Policing Without Borders'. David also has a number of academic journal articles published in the area of terrorism and high policing. The latest, 'Lack of Discretion in High Policing' came out in the summer 2012 in the journal Policing and Society."

Series Books
David Hurst A Dirty Game (2010)
  A Real Job (2012)