1897 - 1952

Writing as: Jack Carew, H. Haverstock Hill, Stephen Maddock, J. M. Walsh, George M. White

James Morgan Walsh was born in Geelong, Victoria, Australia in 1897. He was a clerk at his father's stock and station business from the age of 15 and it was there he got his start writing. At 16 he had his first short story published and his first novel was released in 1921 when he was 24. Two years later he became a writer full-time.

Series Books
Jack Carew
Other The Secret of the Stargazers' Club (see The Mystery Man) (1926)
  The Leather Glove (1927)
H. Haverstock Hill
Other Anne of the Flying Gap (1926)
  Spoil of the Desert (1927)
  The Golden Isle (1928)
  Golden Harvest (1929)
Stephen Maddock
Timothy Terrel A Woman of Destiny (1933)
  The White Siren (1934)
  Danger After Dark (1934)
  Gentlemen of the Night (1934)
  The Eye at the Keyhole (1935)
  Conspirators in Capri (1935)
  Conspirators Three (1936)
  Forbidden Frontiers (1936)
  Conspirators at Large (1937)
  Doorway to Danger (1938)
  Lamp-Post 592 (1938)
  The Uncounted Factor (ss) (1938)
  Spies Along the Severn (1939)
  Spades at Midnight (1940)
  Date with a Spy (1941)
  Drums Beat at Dusk (1943)
  Something on the Stairs (1944)
  I'll Never Like Friday Again (1945)
  Overture to Trouble (1946)
Other Step Aside to Death (1942)
  Exit Only [Insp. Slane] (1947)
  East of Piccadilly [Insp. Slane] (1948)
  Keep Your Fingers Crossed [Insp. Slane] (1949)
  Private Line [Insp. Slane] (1950)
  Public Mischief (1951)
  Close Shave (1952)
J. M. Walsh
Oliver Keene Island of Spies (1937)
  Black Dragon (1938)
  Dial 999 (1939)
  Bullets For Breakfast (1939)
  Secret Weapons (1940)
  King's Enemies (1940)
  Spies From The Skies (1941)
  Death At His Elbow (1941)
  Danger Zone (1942)
  Island Alert (1943)
  Face Value (1944)
  Whispers In The Dark (1945)
Colonel Ormiston The Silver Greyhound (1928)
  The Secret Service Girl (1933)
  Spies Are Abroad (1933)
  King's Messenger (1933)
  Spies In Pursuit (1934)
  The Man From Whitehall (1934)
  Spies Never Return (1935)
  Tiger Of The Night (1935)
  The Silent Man (1935)
  The Half Ace (1936)
  Spies' Vendetta (1936)
  Spies In Spain (1937)
  Live Bait (ss) (1938)
Other Tap-Tap Island (1921)
  The Lost Valley (1921)
  The White Mask [Bromley Kay] (1925)
  The Brethren of the Compass (1925)
  The Company of Shadows (1926)
  The Hairpin Mystery (1926)
  The Man Behind the Curtain [Bromley Kay] (1927)
  The League of Missing Men [Bromley Kay] (1927)
  The Images of Han (1927)
  The Hand of Doom [Insp. Quaile] (1927)
  The Black Cross (1928)
  The Silver Greyhound [Insp. Storm] (1928)
  The Purple Stain (1928)
  The Crimes of Cleopatra’s Needle (1928)
  The Mystery of the Crystal Skull (1929)
  The Week-End Crime Book (1929)
  The Tempania Mystery (1929)
  The Mystery of the Green Caterpillars (1929)
  The Mystery Man (1929)
  Exit Simeon Hex [Bromley Kay] (1930)
  The Black Ghost (1930)
  Mystery House (1931)
  The Whisperer [Insp. Storm] (1931)
  The Bandits of the Night (1932)
  A Girl of the Islands (1932)
  Lady Incognito [Insp. Quaile] (1932)
  Freelance Spy (1937)
  Chalk-Face (1937)
  Mutton Dressed As Lamb, and Live Bait (1944)
  The Man Who Grew Bulbs (1945)
  Express Delivery [Mike Harman] (1946)
  Once in Tiger Bay (1947)
  Walking Shadow [Mike Harman] (1948)
  Time to Kill [Mike Harman] (1949)
  Return to Tiger Bay (1950)
  Next, Please (1951)
  King of Tiger Bay (1952)
George M. White
Other From Boniface to Bank Burglar aka The Price of Persecution (1925)
  The Mystery of the Crystal Ball (1926)