Writing as: Saxon Ashe, Peter Craig, Victor MacClure

The crime fiction expert Al Hubin places a good probability that one of this author's pseudonyms is Saxon Ashe. Born and raised in England, he specialized in detective stories and other thrillers with one foray into science fiction and the two books in the spy genre.

Series Books
Saxon Ashe
Saxon Ashe I Am Saxon Ashe (1941)
  Saxon Ashe - Secret Agent (1942)
Peter Craig
Other Conspiracy Island (1933)
Victor MacClure
Other Nicolette of the Quarter (1923)
  Ultimatum (1924)
  The Ark of the Covenant (1924)
  The (1929)
  The Case of the Dead Producer [Insp.Burford] (1930)
  The Counterfeit Murders [Insp.Burford] (1932)
  The Clue of the Dead Goldfish [Insp.Burford] (1933)
  Death Behind the Door [Insp.Burford] (1933)
  Death on the Set [Insp.Burford] (1934)
  If They Fall (1935)
  Hi-Spy-Kick-the-Can [Insp.Burford] (1936)
  The Diva's Emeralds [Insp.Burford] (1937)
  The House of Dearth (1937)