1883 - 1972

Writing as: Compton Mackenzie

According to Wikipedia: "Sir Compton Mackenzie, OBE (born Edward Montague Compton Mackenzie, 17 January 1883 – 30 November 1972) was an English-born Scottish writer of fiction, biography, histories and a memoir, as well as a cultural commentator, raconteur and lifelong Scottish nationalist. He was one of the co-founders in 1928 of the Scottish National Party along with Hugh MacDiarmid, RB Cunninghame Graham and John MacCormick. He was knighted in 1952."

Series Books
Roger Waterlow Extremes Meet (1928)
  The Three Couriers (1929)
Other Poems [Poetry] (1907)
  The Gentleman in Grey [Play] (1907)
  Kensington Rhymes [Poetry] (1912)
  Mezzotint (1916)
  Gallipoli Memories [NF] (1929)
  The Lost Cause [Play] (1931)
  First Athenian Memories [NF] (1931)
  Prince Charlie [NF] (1932)
  Greek Memories [NF] (1932)
  Marathon and Salamis [NF] (1934)
  Prince Charlie and His Ladies [NF] (1934)
  Catholicism and Scotland [NF] (1934)
  The Book of Barra [NF] (1936)
  Pericles [NF] (1937)
  The Four Winds of Love (1937)
  The Windsor Tapestry [NF] (1938)
  Aegean Memories [NF] (1940)
  The Red Tapeworm (1941)
  The Monarch of the Glen (1941)
  Calvary [NF] (1942)
  Mr Roosevelt [NF] (1943)
  Keep the Home Guard Turning (1943)
  Wind of Freedom[NF] (1943)
  Brockhouse [NF] (1944)
  The Vital Flame [NF] (1946)
  Dr Benes [NF] (1946)
  Whisky Galore (1947)
  All over the Place [NF] (1949)
  Hunting the Fairies (1949)
  I Took a Journey [NF] (1951)
  Eastern Epic [NF] (1951)
  The House of Coalport [NF] (1951)
  The Rival Monster (1952)
  The Queen's House [NF] (1953)
  The Savoy of London [NF] (1953)
  Ben Nevis Goes East (1954)
  Realms of Silver [NF] (1954)
  My Record of Music [NF] (1955)
  Thin Ice (1956)
  Rockets Galore (1957)
  Sublime Tobacco [NF] (1957)
  The Lunatic Republic (1959)
  Cats' Company [NF] (1960)
  Greece in My Life [NF] (1960)
  Catmint [NF] (1961)
  Look at Cats [NF] (1964)
  Little Cat Lost [NF] (1965)
  The Stolen Soprano (1965)
  Paper Lives (1966)