Writing as: A. G. Hayes

According to the bio on his publisher's website: "I was born nicotine-stained; it's true.

My mother was a nineteen-year-old dancer and had been smoking since the age of ten, when she first went on the stage with a children's troop after the end of World War I. My father had been given a classical education in a prestigious Catholic college in England, to find himself with a wife and no skills whatsoever to make a living (his family had disowned him when he announced to them his marriage to an eighteen-year-old chorus girl).

What to do? My mother taught my father to dance, and they became a double act. An acrobatic dance team, they worked small towns up and down England. I was born a year later, and, for the first three years of my life, slept in a dressing room drawer surrounded by chorus girls all vying to be my godmother(s).

Looking back, it was a wonderful experience for a writer, and over the years, the muses provided me with many more, enough to fill several book series. Like the time during the Second World War, when I had to walk through a minefield on the shores of the North Sea. I was only thirteen years old, caught between the tide coming in and having to make it to the bottom of a cliff to escape. I made it. Like when I enlisted in the army and traveled Italy, Austria, Egypt, Palestine and Libya as part of British Army Intelligence. Adventures like these set my mind aflame, and, now, years later, the flame has flared anew in my writing. With several books under my belt, WHO'S KILLING ALL THE LAWYERS? just out, and several more books in the Koski and Falk tradition, the ink still wet, I invite you to share in these based-on-true-life-adventures with me."

Series Books
Falk and Koski Who's Killing All The Lawyers? (2011)
  The Judas List (2012)
  Imminent Danger (2014)
  The Chemical Factor (2015)
  Quantum Death (2016)
  The Solar Triangle (2017)