Writing as: Edward G. Talbot

According to the website: "Who are these guys?

We're glad you asked. Edward G. Talbot is the collaboration of two authors: Ed Parrot and Jason Derrig.

How do two people write a book without killing each other? That's easy. We don't own any weapons and we stink at unarmed combat.

Jason Derrig and Ed Parrot met in 1988 at a cross country running race. We won't tell you here how it turned out, but Jason is far more likely to recount the results of that day than Ed. They discovered a lot of common interests, including sports, politics, and thriller novels. They also share the ability to talk for hours on end about absolutely nothing, a trait not fully appreciated by either man's wife.

Ed graduated from the University of Massachusetts in 1990 in three years, with a B.A. in History and Resource Economics. He obtained an M.Ed in Athletic Administration from Springfield College in 1993. After coaching track & field for several years, he turned a part-time computer internship into a full-time career as a programmer and a web-developer. He currently works for a large bank.

Ed has been an avid runner and cyclist for many years. In addition, he took up the discipline of racewalking in 2002, and represented the United States team in the 50 km (31.1 miles) event at the Pan-American Racewalking Cup in 2005. He lives in Massachusetts with his wife and daughter

Jason graduated from the University of Maine in 1991 with a degree in Media/Broadcasting. After taking some time to explore different states (and states of mind), he held several different sales jobs. With the birth of his first child in 2001, he settled into a position for a national restaurant chain.

Jason no longer runs, but is still an active skier and cyclist. He also enjoys listening to an eclectic collection of music, from jazz to classic rock to hip-hop. He lives in Maine with his wife and daughters.

Series Books
James Robb Alive From New York (2012)
  Alive From America (2013)
  Alive And Worldwide (2017)
Other A Funny Pair of Shorts (-)
  A Horrifying Pair of Shorts (-)
  New World Orders (2011)
  The Mayan Legacy (2011)
  Full Moon Over Camelot (2012)
  Femoral Depravity (2012)