Writing as: Frank Dorn

According to his bio on Amazon: "Frank Dorn is the author of thrillers. Most of his books involve vigilante justice, terrorism, conspiracy, and political assassinations. His themes usually speak to visceral emotions such as revenge, loyalty, and justice. His protagonists generally take a very old testament view of the world. He is best known as the author of the controversial Amazon number one bestseller short story, Justice Deferred.

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Frank Dorn currently lives in the greater New York metropolitan area. He leads a quiet and tranquil life in contrast to some of his Protagonists, characters, and plots."

Series Books
Stetson Culp Vengeance Taken (2016)
  To Secure All Borders (2016)
  Honor For Hire (2016)
  No One Left Behind (ss) (2016)
  The Protectee (ss) (2016)
  Naked In The Sandbox (ss) (2016)
  Homestretch (ss) (2016)
  Serpent's Head (2018)
  Letters Of Marque (2018)