1901 - 1982

Writing as: Malcolm Saville

According to Wikipedia: "Leonard Malcolm Saville (21 February 1901–30 June 1982) was an English author best known for the Lone Pine series of children's books, many of which are set in Shropshire. His work emphasises location; the books include many vivid descriptions of English countryside, villages and sometimes towns.

He was born in Hastings, Sussex, and was educated at Richmond Hill School, in Richmond, Surrey. His working life began at Oxford University Press in 1918, then continued as a publicist with Cassell & Co. (now part of Orion Books; 1920–1922), Associated Press (1922–1936), and George Newnes (1936–1941). He was also the associate editor of My Garden magazine, before taking over editorship of Sunny Stories from Enid Blyton in 1954, when she left to set up her own magazine in direct competition.

Saville's writing career, from 1943 to 1982, was initially a diversion from his working life. His first book, Mystery at Witchend, was set in Shropshire and was written when his children had been evacuated to the county from the family home in Hertfordshire. It was adapted for BBC radio broadcast in 1943, and was followed by a further 19 children's books in the Lone Pine series, the last one published in 1978. Several of his 90 books were serialised for broadcast on radio, many on Children's Hour, and his 1953 book The Ambermere Treasure, part of the Jillies series, was serialised by Associated-Rediffusion, the first commercial television company to broadcast in the United Kingdom, in late 1955 and early 1956; it was therefore one of the first ITV children's drama series. Saville also wrote many short stories and magazine articles."

Series Books
Marston Baines Three Towers In Tuscany (1963)
  The Purple Valley (1964)
  Dark Danger (1965)
  White Fire (1966)
  Power Of Three (1968)
  The Dagger and the Flame (1970)
  Marston - Master Spy (1978)