1864 - 1927

Writing as: William Le Queux

According to Wikipedia: "William Tufnell Le Queux (2 July 1864 - 13 October 1927) was an Anglo-French journalist and writer. He was also a diplomat (honorary consul for San Marino), a traveller (in Europe, the Balkans and North Africa), a flying buff who officiated at the first British air meeting at Doncaster in 1909, and a wireless pioneer who broadcast music from his own station long before radio was generally available; his claims regarding his own abilities and exploits, however, were usually exaggerated. His best-known works are the anti-French and anti-Russian invasion fantasy The Great War in England in 1897 (1894) and the anti-German invasion fantasy The Invasion of 1910 (1906), the latter of which was a phenomenal bestseller."

Series Books
Cuthbert Croom Confessions of a Ladies' Man (1905)
  Because She Loved (ss) (1905)
  Concerns the Betrayers (ss) (1905)
  Concludes My Confessions (ss) (1905)
  Discloses an Emperor's Secret (ss) (1905)
  Divulges a Royal Scandal (ss) (1905)
  In Which a Finger Is Missing (ss) (1905)
  Is About a White Frock (ss) (1905)
  Is in Strict Confidence (ss) (1905)
  Is Mainly About a Red Cravat (ss) (1905)
  Lays Bare the Love of Narcisse (ss) (1905)
  Recounts the Mystery of a Front Door (ss) (1905)
  Relates a Grave Peril (ss) (1905)
  Shows the Three Pins (ss) (1905)
  Tells a Mysterious Story (ss) (1905)
  Which Contains Open Confession (ss) (1905)
Donovan of Whitehall The Coral Crown (ss) (1916)
  The Hundred Sous (ss) (1916)
  The Mysterious Mission (ss) (1916)
  The Princess Feo (ss) (1916)
  Within Four Walls (ss) (1916)
  The Secret of the Wilhelmstrasse (ss) (1916)
  The Two Mistletoe Berries (ss) (1916)
  The Secret Dispatch (ss) (1916)
  The Yellow Tube (ss) (1916)
  Donovan of Whitehall (1917)
Duckworth Drew Secrets of the Foreign Office (1903)
  The Secret Of Dr. Vaux's Intrigue (ss) (1903)
  The Secret Of The Black Bag (ss) (1903)
  The Secret Of The Princess's Love Affair (ss) (1903)
  The Secret Of The Little Countess (ss) (1903)
  The Secret Of The Redwitz Plot (ss) (1903)
  The Secret Of The Submarine Boat (ss) (1903)
  The Secret Of The Fashoda Settlement (ss) (1903)
  The Secret Of The Smoked Spectacles (ss) (1903)
  The Secret Of Colonel Holtz's Disappearance (ss) (1903)
  The Secret Of A Pair Of Gloves (ss) (1903)
  The Secret Of The Gentleman From Paris (ss) (1903)
  The Secret Of The Fox Hunter (ss) (1903)
  The Secret Of Lieutenant Villar (ss) (1903)
  The Secret Of A Spy In London (ss) (1903)
The Gay Triangle The Gay Triangle (1922)
  The Mystery of Rasputin's Jewels (ss) (1922)
  A Race For A Throne (ss) (1922)
  The Seven Dots (ss) (1922)
  The Sorcerer of Soho (ss) (1922)
  The Master Atom (ss) (1922)
  The Horror of Lockie (ss) (1922)
  The Peril of the Préfet (ss) (1922)
  The Message For One Eye Only (ss) (1922)
Claud Heathwaite The Luck of the Secret Service (1921)
  The City of Evil (ss) (1921)
  The Spotted Handkerchief (ss) (1921)
  Code Number Four (ss) (1921)
  The Folies Caprice (ss) (1921)
  The Affair of the Avenue Louise (ss) (1921)
  A Page of Secret History (ss) (1921)
  The Brown Trunk (ss) (1921)
  The Copper Clock (ss) (1921)
Hugh Morrice Revelations of the Secret Service (1911)
  Chapter One Reveals Some Personal Secrets (ss) (1911)
  Chapter Two Reveals the Three Traitors (ss) (1911)
  Chapter Three Concerns the Brass Butterfly (ss) (1911)
  Chapter Four Reveals the Mystery of the King's Messenger (ss) (1911)
  Chapter Five Reveals the Usborne Affair (ss) (1911)
  Chapter Six Reveals the Black Boudoir (ss) (1911)
  Chapter Seven Reveals the Velvet Hand (ss) (1911)
  Chapter Eight Reveals the Spy Pierron (ss) (1911)
  Chapter Nine Reveals the Perfume of Mystery (ss) (1911)
  Chapter Ten Reveals the Secret of Stana (ss) (1911)
  Chapter Eleven Reveals the Story of the Cipher (ss) (1911)
  Chapter Twelve Reveals the Cotton Glove (ss) (1911)
Harry Nettlefield The Green Blackbird (ss) (1915)
  The Mystery of the Two Circles (ss) (1915)
  The House of Suspicion (ss) (1915)
  The Mystery of the Five Beans (ss) (1915)
  Behind Locked Doors (ss) (1915)
  The Secret of the Lonely Farm (ss) (1915)
  The Red Rooster (ss) (1915)
  The Spy Hunter (1916)
  The Glass Bombs (ss) (1916)
  The Night of the Seventeenth (ss) (1916)
Anton Prehznev The Tzar's Spy (ss) (1892)
  Strange Tales Of A Nihilist (1892)
  A Crooked Fate (ss) (1892)
  On Trackless Snow (ss) (1892)
  My Friend, The Princess (ss) (1892)
  The Burlesque Of Death (ss) (1892)
  Sophie Zagarovna's Secret (ss) (1892)
  By A Vanished Hand (ss) (1892)
  An Ikon Oath (ss) (1892)
  The Mystery Of Lady Gladys (ss) (1892)
  The Judas Kiss (ss) (1892)
  An Imperial Sugar Plum (ss) (1892)
  False Zero (ss) (1892)
  A Romance Of The Steppe (ss) (1896)
  The Velvet Paw (ss) (1896)
  The Confession Of Vassilii (ss) (1896)
  A Secret Service (1896)
Ray Raymond Spies of the Kaiser (1909)
  How the Plans of Rosyth Were Stolen (ss) (1909)
  The Secret of the Silent Submarine (ss) (1909)
  How the Germans Are Preparing for Invasion (ss) (1909)
  The Secret of the New Armour-Plates (ss) (1909)
  The Back-Door of England (ss) (1909)
  The Secret of the New British Aeroplane (ss) (1909)
  The Secret of the Improved "Dreadnoughts" (ss) (1909)
  The German Plot Against England (ss) (1909)
  The Secret of Our New Gun (ss) (1909)
  The Secret of the Clyde Defences (ss) (1909)
  The Peril of London (ss) (1909)
  How Germany Foments Strife (ss) (1909)
  Our Wireless Secrets (ss) (1909)
  Playing a Desperate Game (ss) (1909)
Gerry Sant Sant of the Secret Service (1917)
  'The Secret Submarine Base' (ss) (1917)
  'Blind Heinrich' (ss) (1917)
  'The Great Submarine Plot' (ss) (1917)
  'The Mysterious Cylinders' (ss) (1917)
  'The Hidden Hand' (ss) (1917)
Stella Steele The Devil's Dice (ss) (1916)
  The Great Tunnel Plot (ss) (1916)
  The Hyde Park Plot (ss) (1916)
  The Explosive Needle (ss) (1916)
  The Bomb-Makers (1917)
  The Brass Triangle (ss) (1917)
  The Silent Death (ss) (1917)
Other Guilty Bonds (1891)
  The Temptress (1895)
  Devil’s Dice (1896)
  Whoso Findeth a Wife (1897)
  If Sinners Entice Thee (1898)
  The Bond of Black (1899)
  The Day of Temptation (1899)
  *England’s Peril (1899)
  An Eye for an Eye (1900)
  In White Raiment (1900)
  Of Royal Blood (1900)
  Wiles of the Wicked (1900)
  The Court of Honour (1901)
  The Gamblers (1901)
  Her Majesty’s Minister (1901)
  The Sign of the Seven Sins (1901)
  The Under-Secretary (1902)
  The Unnamed (1902)
  The Seven Secrets (1903)
  Three Glass Eyes (1903)
  The Tickencote Treasure aka The Tickencote Mystery (1903)
  As We...Forgive Them (1904)
  The Closed Book (1904)
  The Hunchback of Westminster (1904)
  The Idol of the Town (1904)
  The Man from Downing Street (1904)
  The Red Hat (1904)
  The Sign of the Stranger (1904)
  Behind the Throne (1905)
  Confessions of a Ladies’ Man (1905)
  The Czar’s Spy aka The Foreign Spy (1905)
  The Mask (1905)
  Sins of the City (1905)
  The Spider’s Eye (1905)
  The Valley of the Shadow (1905)
  Who Giveth This Woman? (1905)
  The House of the Wicked (1906)
  The Mysterious Mr. Miller (1906)
  The Mystery of a Motor-Car (1906)
  Whatsoever a Man Soweth (1906)
  The Woman at Kensington (1906)
  The Count’s Chauffeur (1907)
  The Great Court Scandal (1907)
  The Great Plot (1907)
  The Secret of the Square (1907)
  Whosoever Loveth: Being the Secret of a Lady’s Maid (1907)
  The Count's Chauffeur (1907)
  The Crooked Way (1908)
  The Lady in the Car (1908)
  The Looker-On (1908)
  The Pauper of Park Lane (1908)
  Stolen Sweets (1908)
  The Woman in the Way (1908)
  Fatal Thirteen (1909)
  The House of Whispers (1909)
  The Red Room (1909)
  The Great God Gold aka Treasure of Israel (1910)
  Lying Lips (1910)
  The Unknown Tomorrow (1910)
  Hushed Up! (1911)
  The Indiscretions of a Lady’s Maid (1911)
  The Money-Spider (1911)
  The Death-Doctor (1912)
  Fatal Fingers (1912)
  The Mystery of Nine (1912)
  Without Trace (1912)
  The Lost Million (1913)
  Mysteries (1913)
  The Price of Power (1913)
  The Room of Secrets (1913)
  A Secret Sin; or, The Madonna of the Music Halls (1913)
  The Four Faces (1914)
  The Hand of Allah aka The Riddle of the Ring (1914)
  Her Royal Highness (1914)
  The Maker of Secrets (1914)
  Sons of Satan (1914)
  The White Lie (1914)
  At the Sign of the Sword (1915)
  The Double Shadow (1915)
  The Mysterious Three (1915)
  The Mystery of the Green Ray aka The Green Ray (1915)
  The Sign of Silence (1915)
  The White Glove (1915)
  Annette of the Argonne (1916)
  The Broken Thread (1916)
  Inspector Whitlock, C.I.D. (1916)
  The Man About Town (1916)
  Number 70, Berlin (1916)
  The Place of the Dragons (1916)
  The Way to Win (1916)
  The Zeppelin Destroyer (1916)
  Behind the German Lines (1917)
  Beryl of the Biplane (1917)
  The Breath of Suspicion (1917)
  The Devil’s Carnival (1917)
  No Greater Love (1917)
  The Rainbow Mystery (1917)
  Rasputin the Rascal Monk (1917)
  Two in a Tangle (1917)
  Bolo the Super-Spy (1918)
  The Catspaw (1918)
  The Little Blue Goddess (1918)
  The Minister of Evil (1918)
  The Secret Life of the Ex-Tsaritza (1918)
  The Sister Disciple (1918)
  The Stolen Statesman (1918)
  The Yellow Ribbon (1918)
  Cipher Six (1919)
  The Doctor of Pimlico (1919)
  The Forbidden Word (1919)
  The Hotel X (1919)
  The King’s Incognito (1919)
  The Lure of Love (1919)
  Rasputinism in London (1919)
  The Secret Shame of the Kaiser (1919)
  Secrets of the White Tsar (1919)
  The Heart of a Princess (1920)
  The Intriguers (1920)
  Mysteries of a Great City (1920)
  No. 7, Saville Square (1920)
  The Red Widow; or, The Death-Dealers of London (1920)
  The Terror of the Air (1920)
  Whither Thou Goest (1920)
  The Elusive Four (1921)
  The Fifth Finger (1921)
  In Secret (1921)
  The Lady-in-Waiting (1921)
  Mademoiselle of Monte Carlo (1921)
  The Open Verdict (1921)
  The Power of the Borgias (1921)
  This House to Let (1921)
  The Gay Triangle (1922)
  The Golden Face (1922)
  Three Knots (1922)
  The Voice from the Void (1922)
  The Young Archduchess (1922)
  Behind the Bronze Door aka The Bronze Face (1923)
  Where the Desert Ends (1923)
  Bleke, the Butler (1924)
  The Crystal Claw (1924)
  Fine Feathers (1924)
  The Stretton Street Affair (1924)
  A Woman’s Debt (1924)
  The Blue Bungalow (1925)
  The Broadcast Mystery (1925)
  The Marked Man (1925)
  The Valrose Mystery (1925)
  The Black Owl (1926)
  The Dangerous Game aka Hidden Hands (1926)
  The Fatal Face (1926)
  The Letter E aka The Tattoo Mystery (1926)
  The Mystery of Mademoiselle (1926)
  The Scarlet Sign (1926)
  Blackmailed (1927)
  The Chameleon (1927)
  The Crimes Club (1927)
  The House of Evil (1927)
  The Lawless Hand (1927)
  The Office Secret (1927)
  Poison Shadows (1927)
  The Riddle of the Ring (1927)
  Concerning This Woman (1928)
  The Crime Code aka Double Nought (1928)
  The Peril of Helen Marklove and other stories (1928)
  The Rat Trap (1928)
  The Secret Formula (1928)
  The Sting (1928)
  Twice Tried (1928)
  The Amazing Count (1929)
  The Crinkled Crown (1929)
  A Crooked Affair (1930)
  The Golden Three (1930)
  The Factotum and other stories (1931)