1931 - 2009

Writing as: Howard L. Cory, Larry Maddock

According to one obituary: "Larry Maddock is the penname under which humorist and social critic Jack Owen Jardine (born October 10th, 1931) wrote science fiction and mystery stories from the 1950s through the 1960s. His writing career was preceded by several years in radio as a disc jockey and creative director for KALF radio in Mesa Arizona. As Larry Maddock he may be best remembered for his highly-acclaimed “Agent of T.E.R.R.A.” series, featuring the exploits of debonair, time-traveling secret agent Hannibal Fortune and his sardonic, shape-shifting alien colleague Webley."

Series Books
Howard L. Cory
Other The Mind Monsters (1964)
  The Sword of Lankor (1966)
Larry Maddock
Agent Of T.E.R.R.A. Creatures, Incorporated (ss) (1960)
  Alien For Hire (ss) (1960)
  When In Doubt (ss) (1960)
  The Flying Saucer Gambit (1966)
  The Green Goddess Gambit (1967)
  The Emerald Elephant Gambit (1967)
  The Time Trap Gambit (1969)
Other Girls on Sin Street (1963)
  The Nymph and the Satyr (2005)