Writing as: James Marinero

According to the bio on Amazon: "Now an author and writer, I am fortunate in having had a variety of careers and broad education which inform my writing. I have worked in many parts of the world, including the Middle East, Russia, Scandinavia and Central Asia. I worked for over thirty years in the computing industry and I've seen industry, commerce and banking from several angles, but I've also been a milkman, a chef and a handyman.

A sailor since the age of eleven, I have sailed my own boat in the Atlantic, Mediterranean and as far as Brazil - much of my writing is done afloat. My books often include nautical and natural science content.

With a style which makes complex themes and concepts relatively easy for the layman to understand (provided, of course, that I can understand them myself), I believe I am well equipped to write on themes blending travel, advanced technology, science and marine life, not losing sight of the need to inform my readers and entertain them with action and sharply defined characters.

I am an avid reader, and cut my teeth on Mickey Spillane, Hammond Innes and Alstair Maclean before I was ten years old. Currently, the authors I look out for are Lee Child, James Lee Burke and John Sandford. I also enjoy Milan Kundera and Alain de Botton when I feel in the need for some light relief, though recently I enjoyed my first Jeffery Deaver book."

Series Books
Steve Baldwin Gate of Tears (2011)
  Sicilian Channel (2011)
  Sword of Allah (2016)
  Cause of All Causes (2017)
  Red Sea Gold (ss) (2017)