1915 - 2002

Writing as: Robert Kanigher

According to Wikipedia: "Robert Kanigher

Born June 18, 1915

New York

Died May 7, 2002 (aged 86)

Fishkill, New York[1]

Nationality American

Area(s) Writer, Editor

Pseudonym(s) Bart Regan

Dion Anthony

Jan Laurie

Robert Starr[2]

Jed Corby[3]

Notable works

All-American Men of War

G.I. Combat

Metal Men

Our Army at War

Our Fighting Forces

Sgt. Rock

Star Spangled War Stories

Wonder Woman

Flash (Barry Allen)

Robert Kanigher (June 18, 1915 – May 7, 2002)[1] was an American comic book writer and editor whose career spanned five decades. He was involved with the Wonder Woman franchise for over twenty years, taking over the scripting from creator William Moulton Marston. In addition, Kanigher spent many years in charge of DC Comics' war titles, as well as creating the character Sgt. Rock. Kanigher scripted what is considered the first Silver Age comic book story, "Mystery of the Human Thunderbolt!" which introduced the Barry Allen version of the Flash in Showcase #4 (Oct. 1956)."

Series Books
King Faraday [creator]