1923 - 1983

Writing as: Geoffrey Bocca, George Revelli

According to Bear Alley: "George Revelli was the pen-name of Geoffrey Bocca (1923-1983), a British journalist and author described in one of his books thus: "High-living adventurer, journalist, traveller – and extremely successful author. Born in London, he almost became a professional footballer before setting off for America, where he achieved the remarkable feat (for an Englishman) of making it as a top sportswriter. Later, as an international journalist, he was in Cuba, Algeria and Prague when the going got rough. He now writes about espionage and the more exotic aspects of travel, as well as publishing erotic novels under a pseudonym. His jet-set lifestyle is based on homes in the South of France, Ibiza, London and New York, where he writes his books and – enjoys the good things in life."


Series Books
Geoffrey Bocca
Other Nadine (1974)
  The Fourth Horseman (1980)
George Revelli
Commander Amanda Commander Amanda Nightingale (1968)
  Resort To War (1971)
  Amanda's Castle (1972)
  Amanda In Spain (1976)
  Amanda In Berlin (1978)
Other Sweet Marpessa (1973)
  Nadine (1976)
  Giselle (1978)