1910 - 1984

Writing as: Tom Hickey

According to information from, Tom Hickey was born and raised in White Plains, NY. He was interested in drawing from a very early age and really came into his own during high school.

"In 1937 he began to draw cartoons for several New York City producers of comic books, such as National/D.C. Comics and Dell Comics. In 1939 he drew the comic strip, Wally Williams, which was written by Boni Victor Bloom (1908-1983) about a student at Riverview High School who wears a sweater with the letter "R" on his chest, and whose pal is named Jughead. Wally two cute girl friends are a snooty brunette and a nice blonde. This popular comic strip from Dell predated by almost two years another comic strip that was also written by Boni Victor Bloom entitled Archie."

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Skip Schuyler [creator]