Writing as: Rose Fox

According to her bio on "Rose Fox has been a freelance editor since 1997; a professional book critic since 2002; and a Publishers Weekly reviews editor, covering the SF/fantasy/horror and romance markets, since 2007. Her reviews, short fiction, and poetry have appeared in Publishers Weekly, Strange Horizons, the Internet Review of Science Fiction, Some Fantastic, and a handful of small press anthologies.

Having reviewed hundreds of books, Rose knows exactly how to dig into a manuscript, find the qualities that make it strong and unique, and provide the author with clear explanations of what works well and what can be improved. She is a trained copy editor and linguist, and can happily spend hours discussing the nuances of a single word. She especially loves helping new authors discover and strengthen their voices.

Rose lives in New York City with two partners, two cats, seven computers, and several thousand books."

Series Books
Abigail Abigail: Spy & Lie (2015)
  Abigail: Spy Or Die (2015)