1877 - 1961

Writing as: Patricia Wentworth

According to Wikipedia: "She was born in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand, India (then the British Raj), and was educated first privately, then at Blackheath High School for Girls in London.

She and her first husband, George F. Dillon, had one daughter. She also became stepmother to Dillon's two sons, one of whom died in the Somme during World War I. After Dillon's death, in 1906, she settled in Camberley, Surrey. In 1920, she married George Oliver Turnbull, and they had one daughter.

Wentworth wrote a series of 32 crime novels in the classic whodunit style, featuring Miss Maud Silver, a retired governess and teacher who becomes a professional private detective, in London, England. Miss Silver works closely with Scotland Yard, especially Inspector Frank Abbott, and is fond of quoting the poet Tennyson. Miss Silver is sometimes compared to Jane Marple, the elderly detective created by Agatha Christie.

Wentworth also wrote 34 books outside of that series. She won the Melrose prize in 1910 for her first novel A Marriage Under The Terror, set in the French Revolution."

Series Books
Benbow Smith Fool Errant (1929)
  Danger Calling (1931)
  Walk With Care (1933)
  Down Under (1937)
  The Complete Benbow Smith Mysteries (2018)
Other The Fire Within (1913)
  Queen Anne is Dead (1915)
  The Astonishing Case of Jane Smith (1923)
  The Annam Jewel (1924)
  The Red Lacquer Case (1924)
  The Black Cabinet (1925)
  The Dower House Mystery (1925)
  The Amazing Chance (1926)
  Hue and Cry (1927)
  Anne Belinda (1927)
  Will o'' the Wisp (1928)
  Grey Mask [Miss Silver] (1928)
  Beggar''s Choice (1930)
  The Coldstone (1930)
  Kingdom Lost (1930)
  Nothing Venture (1932)
  Red Danger aka Red Shadow (1932)
  Seven Green Stones aka Outrageous Fortune (1933)
  Devil in the Dark aka Touch And Go (1934)
  Fear By Night (1934)
  Blindfold (1935)
  Red Stefan (1935)
  Hole and Corner (1936)
  Dead Or Alive [Frank Garrett] (1936)
  The Case Is Closed [Miss Silver] (1937)
  Run! (1938)
  Mr Zero (1938)
  The Blind Side [Ernest Lamb] (1939)
  Lonesome Road [Miss Silver] (1939)
  Rolling Stone [Frank Garrett] (1940)
  Who Pays the Piper aka Account Rendered [Ernest Lamb] (1940)
  Danger Point aka In the Balance [Miss Silver] (1941)
  Unlawful Occasions aka Weekend with Death (1941)
  Pursuit of a Parcel [Ernest Lamb] (1942)
  The Chinese Shawl [Miss Silver] (1943)
  Miss Silver Intervenes aka Miss Silver Deals with Death [Miss Silver] (1943)
  The Clock Strikes Twelve [Miss Silver] (1944)
  The Key [Miss Silver] (1944)
  Silence in Court (1945)
  She Came Back aka The Traveller Returns [Miss Silver] (1945)
  Pilgrim's Rest aka Dark Threat [Miss Silver] (1946)
  Latter End [Miss Silver] (1947)
  Spotlight aka Wicked Uncle [Miss Silver] (1947)
  The Case of William Smith [Miss Silver] (1948)
  Eternity Ring [Miss Silver] (1948)
  The Catherine Wheel [Miss Silver] (1949)
  Miss Silver Comes to Stay [Miss Silver] (1949)
  Through the Wall [Miss Silver] (1950)
  The Ivory Dagger [Miss Silver] (1950)
  The Brading Collection aka Mr Brading's Collection [Miss Silver] (1950)
  Anna Where Are You? aka Death at Deep End [Miss Silver] (1951)
  The Watersplash [Miss Silver] (1951)
  Ladies' Bane [Miss Silver] (1952)
  Out of the Past [Miss Silver] (1953)
  The Silent Pool [Miss Silver] (1953)
  The Vanishing Point [Miss Silver] (1953)
  The Benevent Treasure [Miss Silver] (1954)
  The Gazebo aka The Summerhouse [Miss Silver] (1955)
  The Listening Eye [Miss Silver] (1955)
  Poison in the Pen [Miss Silver] (1955)
  The Fingerprint [Miss Silver] (1956)
  The Alington Inheritance [Miss Silver] (1958)
  The Girl in the Cellar [Miss Silver] (1961)