1909 - 1978

Writing as: Don Smith, Duncan Tyler

According to Wikipedia: "Don Smith was a Canadian author of detective and spy fiction.

Smith was born Donald Taylor Smith in Port Colborne, Ontario. In 1934-1939 he was a foreign correspondent for the Toronto Star in Beijing and he piloted a fighter in the Royal Air Force during WWII. He was condecorated with the Distinguished Flying Cross for his participation in the Dieppe Raid in 1942. After the war he lived in Morocco and Majorca, manning different businesses before becoming a full-time writer in his 50s."

Series Books
Don Smith
Secret Mission Secret Mission: Peking (1968)
  Secret Mission: Prague (1968)
  Secret Mission: Corsica (1968)
  Secret Mission: Morocco (1968)
  Secret Mission: Istanbul (1969)
  Secret Mission: Tibet (1969)
  Secret Mission: Cairo (1969)
  Secret Mission: North Korea (1969)
  Secret Mission: Angola (1969)
  Secret Mission: Munich (1969)
  Secret Mission: The Kremlin Plot (1971)
  Secret Mission: Athens (1971)
  The Marseilles Enforcer (1972)
  Death Stalk In Spain (1972)
  Haitian Vendetta (1973)
  Night Of The Assassin (1973)
  The Libyan Contract (1974)
  The Peking Connection (1975)
  The Dalmatian Tapes (1976)
  The Bavarian Connection (1978)
  The Strausser Transfer (1978)
Other Out of the Sea (1952)
  Perilous Holiday (1953)
  China Coaster (1954)
  The Man Who Played Thief [Tim Parnell] (1969)
  The Padrone [Tim Parnell] (1971)
  The Payoff [Tim Parnell] (1973)
  Corsican Takeover [Tim Parnell] (1974)
Duncan Tyler
Secret Mission Red Curtain (1959)