Writing as: Craig D. McLaren

According to the bio on OakTara's website: "Craig D. McLaren is a retired bank President who dreamed of being a Secret Service Agent when he read his first James Bond novel in the early 60s. “I even looked into interviewing for such a position while attending Carthage College in the 70s, before my graduate studies at the University of Wisconsin,” Craig says. “My desire to be an author started from many experiences associated with what I saw as a President of a bank, when I dealt with government officials. It all came together when I saw something in a fictional book about our President and government that concerned me and I asked myself, What if…? ” Craig McLaren’s goal is to write believable novels that will be interesting to all—from young teens to adults."

Series Books
Wayne Mitchell Eagle Lost (2010)
  The List (2010)
  The Bond (2011)
  Parabellum (2012)