1908 - 1989

Writing as: Joe Millard

According to the website Bear Alley: "Joseph John Millard was born in Canby, Minnesota, on 14 January 1908, the fourth child of rancher Frank Earnest Millard and his wife Alice A. (nee Lake). He was educated at the Pioneer School of Business in St. Paul, Minnesota, graduating in 1926, before joining an advertising agency. He subsequently worked as advertising manager on Northwest Furniture Digest in Minneapolis before becoming an account executive with Minneapolis-based Kraff Advertising Agency and Chicago-based Industrial Advertising Associates.

In Chicago, he began editing How To Sell magazine, subsequently editing and publishing National Mortician, before turning freelance as a writer in 1936.

He was a prolific contributor to pulp magazines, including Thrilling Mystery, G-Man Detective, Exciting Detective, Detective Novels Magazine, Popular Detective, RAF Aces, Exciting Western, Popular Sports, Sky Fighters, Fantastic Adventures, Amazing Stories, Thrilling Wonder Stories (as N. J. Westwood) and Startling Stories in the 1940s before contributing articles to Bluebook. He eventually contributed to around 100 different magazines and some 25 trade journals, including Holiday, Reader's Digest, Good Housekeeping and Argosy."

Series Books
T-Man [creator]