Writing as: Ray Keating

According to the bio on his website: "Ray Keating is a novelist, an economist, a columnist with, a former weekly columnist with Long Island Business News and Newsday, and a former adjunct college professor. His work has appeared in a wide range of additional periodicals, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, New York Post, Los Angeles Daily News, The Boston Globe, National Review, The Washington Times, Investor's Business Daily, New York Daily News, Detroit Free Press, Chicago Tribune, Providence Journal Bulletin, and Cincinnati Enquirer. Keating lives on Long Island with his family. "

Series Books
Stephen Grant Warrior Monk (2010)
  Root of All Evil? (2012)
  An Advent for Religious Libery (2012)
  The River (2014)
  Murderer's Row (2015)
  Wine Into Water (2016)
  Lionhearts (2017)
  Reagan Country (2018)
  Shifting Sands (ss) (2018)
  Heroes and Villains (ss) (2018)
  Deep Rough (2019)
  The Traitor (2019)
  Vatican Shadows (2020)
  Past Lives (ss) (2021)
  What's Lost (ss) (2021)
  Persecution (2022)
  Under The Golden Dome (2023)
  For Better, For Worse (ss) (2023)